What is Psy-Tap?

Psy-Tap is short for Psycho-sensory Techniques and Principles. It’s a powerful self-healing technique that triggers rapid and permanent change by tackling the root cause of an issue. Psy-Tap is particularly effective if you’re suffering from trauma, anxiety, phobias, addiction, bullying, depression, emotional issues and many behavioural disorders.

Psy-Tap is based on the principle of pattern interrupt.  In essence: ‘If you don’t think the thought, you can’t feel the feeling.’

One very effective part of Psy-Tap that helps you ‘not feel the thought’ is V-Cart, or Visual Coding and Re-patterning Technique.

In V-Cart, I use patterns of lights in a sequence that can help wipe out the feelings of trauma or upset that you are experiencing and that trigger the responses you have come to me to address.  By taking away the ‘trigger feeling’, the emotional or physical response you have to that feeling disappears too.

Psy-Tap blends scientific evidence with the power of the human mind and body. Our thought fields are invisible, non-material structures in space that cause us to experience emotions and feelings. When we think negative or traumatic thoughts, we have a physical reaction to them, which interrupts our natural pattern. Psy-Tap techniques disrupt this process from happening and helps you to control your thoughts and feelings.

Psy-Tap draws on the skills of psychotherapy; hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) as well as other psycho-sensory techniques.

How can Psy-Tap help?

  • Stop worrying or depressive thoughts
  • Control panic attacks, fears and phobias
  • Stop feelings of sadness and grief
  • Give you ways to pattern interrupt stressful thoughts and feelings and thus give you back control of your life

Who is Psy-Tap suitable for?

Psy-Tap is suitable and safe for adults and children. Once you have learned the various techniques, you can take them with you and use them wherever you go. PsyTap teaches you strategies to manage your thoughts and emotions. It’s ideal for people looking for fast and permanent change. In some cases this change can happen within minutes. Contact me to learn more.

Qualified Psy-Tap Practitioner

I am one of only 300 Certified Psy-Tap Practitioners in the world. Trained by Psy-Tap founder Kevin Laye and his expert team, I was drawn to Psy-Tap because of the overwhelming evidence and speed of results it can bring to clients. Being part of a small pool of practitioners ensures we all work to the highest standards of treatment and quality of service.

Finding help couldn’t be easier, just follow the directions on the map, our full address is:

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