OldPain2Go is a totally safe way of removing pain that no longer serves a purpose. It involves direct subconscious communication whilst you are consciously aware, it is not hypnosis but it does communicate with the same part of the mind that hypnosis does.

It is fast, safe, effective and with lasting results. Typically only one session is required.

Pain has a purpose when it relates to a new problem or injury, but when the injury has been healed the pain can linger around unaware that it’s not needed, just like a fire alarm would go off once the fire has been put out. OldPain2Go resets the alarm.

OldPain2Go is a simple technique with a complex system behind. Just like how simple walking is but there’s a complex system of signals, muscle movement and joint mobility behind it.

With this technique you can expect a drastic reduction in pain or complete removal. In some cases further emotional examination is required as the subconscious could be holding onto the pain for a reason unaware that reason can now be fulfilled.

Fibromyalgia & ME

People who have Fibromyalgia, M.E. or C.F.S. all share the same attributes that they are the extreme opposite of lazy! In fact their “driven” personal quality, in my opinion, is at the root of all their conditions.

So here is my theory, and to remove all doubt I will state straight away that people with chronic fatigue and pain are neither lazy nor is it “all in their heads”. In fact despite all those affected having different symptoms and levels of incapacity you are united in one thing – your story of how it started and progressed. Every single one of you regularly pushed yourself to your physical or mental capacity – or both. You are the exact opposite of lazy, hence your understandable frustration and sensitivity to people thinking you are, or that you bring it on yourself. It was these matching stories and my experience of dealing with various physical and emotional pain related illnesses through talking therapies that led me to discover the way I think the illness started and therefore my interest as to how someone could be helped to recover. I have now been in touch with many people studying these illnesses who all have very similar theories and now the National Fibromyalgia Association seems to be on the same lines (further details below).

Questions and answers

Does it work?

Yes it can with a client who is positively wanting to be pain-free.

Is this a Pain Management technique?

No. Pain management is about ongoing effort and rarely leaves you free of pain.

What can I expect?

One of three things: Zero Pain, Reduced Pain or, No Change.

Does it work on any pain?

It may work regardless of the original cause, providing there isn’t a need for it to be retained. If there is still a reason to keep the pain then the unconscious will not release it

Do I need the pain until that part is completely healed?

No. Pain is a message that once it has alerted you to the problem, and you have done all you can, it is no longer needed. Think of a fire alarm, it gets switched off and reset to be alert when the fire is out, even if it has caused damage!

I am on really strong painkillers, can an OldPain2Go® Practitioner help me remove this pain?

Yes, they may. Just think about this for a moment, if you are prescribed strong pain tablets or injections that is the medical profession saying that the pain is not necessary! Pain killers do not stop the pain message being sent out they simply interefere with it reaching the part of the body it is intended for. OldPain2Go is directed at asking for messages to be stopped, if it is safe to do so.

I have a lifelong condition will the pain go.

Yes it may. The old pain message has done its job and alerted you and the medical profession to the problem. That old message can be deleted and allow new pain to arrive as is needed to alert you to a new problem or a worsening condition.

I have a deteriorating condition, how will it work on that?

On deteriorating conditions, you are likely to have regular assessments by your medical practitioner to review the problem area. OldPain2Go® would act like pressing the fire alarm reset button. Your body is aware of the damage caused by the old fire and can reset the alarm to stop ringing and it will automatically ring again to tell you of a new danger.

Why does my pain get worse and require ever stronger pain relief?

When pain is first triggered it forms a neural pathway in your brain, which fades quickly if the pain is short term. However, if the pain continues it builds up an increasingly stronger neural connection almost like a neural motorway. This is the same way we learn to run things automatically. Unfortunately, we are learning the wrong thing. Pain does not have an end date stamped on it, and it may “forget” to re-evaluate or turn off.

I have put up with this pain for many years, how could it go in just minutes?

The longer you have had the pain the more likely it is that it no longer serves a purpose – you are aware of it – nothing can be done (medically) and your doctor prescribes pain relief. These are all signs that the old pain message is redundant. All that is required is for you to convince your unconscious of it.

How often do I need treatment?

Typically this is a once only treatment for that old pain. It works by asking for the old pain messages to be deleted, therefore, the old pain message should not return, just as a deleted answer phone message cannot be played again and the tape is cleared to accept new messages. A second session would usually only be wanted if the first session didn’t produce a result you are satisfied with or the Practioner feels there may be further opportunities for improvement.

Why isn’t it well known?

People don’t really seek out the help they don’t know exists and are therefore cynical in trying it. It sounds and feels unbelievable long after you have become pain-free. It’s a bit of a vicious circle when people don’t take the opportunity because it seems like no-one else has! All my client’s and most of my students hoped it would work but didn’t really believe it could until they saw it happen, and then the students did it and had the same results themselves.

Are there published medical results?

No, and it is unlikely to ever have them. Measurement of old pain is subjective to the individual. Even if there were a way, currently this work is done by individuals who cannot set up multi-million-pound research facilities. The purpose of my training others is to get the method out there and have more people recognise that it really does work. In December 2018 there are over 800 Practitioner and that number is rising quickly. A UK university is currently doing a feasibility study (Feb 2019). the outcome of which could lead to a full blown study.

What does the medical profession think of it?

I have demonstrated this to doctors and have also demonstrated on them, all of whom have been impressed. However, I have only met the ones open minded enough to make contact with me. I have also trained Doctors and Psychologists who have become Practitioners in OldPain2Go® .

Is this a Pain Management technique?

No. Pain management is about ongoing effort and rarely leaves you free of pain.

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